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About Us

As one of the largest back-end toll processing company in Korea.

Building Structure

Utility Facility
HVAC System
Central Control Tower
De-ionized filtration system
Waste water treatment system
Production line
Building Structure : 8,250㎡
Gateway : 19,800㎡
Production line : 5,940㎡
Super Precision
Class 500 zone : 1,320㎡
Class 100 zone : 660㎡
Class 10 zone : 3,960㎡
R&D Center
Analysis Lab
Reliability Test Lab

※ HVAC = Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

earthquake engineering

I can proudly represent you that our new plant was designed to endure with scale 5. From the utility facility, our HVAC system works for every floor independently.

Of course our central control tower is monitoring twenty four seven(24/7).
In case of red alert, our CCT system sends real time SMS to members of maintenance, so we can save the golden time more effectively.
We are capable of supplying massive amount of De-ionized water. Our filtration system also helps the sewage control system.
The sewage water can be recycled to subsidize for HVAC system on each floor.
Our production line is divided into 3 different levels of clean room, 500, 100 and 10.
Class 500 zone is where we usually do lamination and back grinding. Then DD I products are sent to CR100 and CIS to 10 for mass production.
We also obtain our own R&D center, in here we conduct various products analysis and reliability testing.

Central Control System

Facilities Control Center

Facilities Control Center

  • Clean room 관리 (온&습도, particle 등)

    Clean room 관리
    (온&습도, particle 등)

  • Vacuum 관리

    Vacuum 관리

  • CDA 관리

    CDA 관리

  • 냉방 설비 관리

    냉방 설비 관리

  • 냉각수 관리

    냉각수 관리

  • 열원 설비 관리

    열원 설비 관리

  • 오.폐수 시설 관리

    오.폐수 시설 관리

  • DI(초순수) Water 관리

    DI(초순수) Water 관리

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