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Quality Commitment

As one of the largest back-end toll processing company in Korea.

Environment Control

Key control item Control limit Frequency Response
Particle 10 Zone Below 10 (0.3㎛) 1x / Week QA
100 Zone Below 100 (0.3㎛)
500 Zone Below 500 (0.3㎛)
Temperature 24 ± 4 ℃ 3x / Day QA
Humidity 50 ± 10 %
De-ionized water Resistivity Source - Above 17MΩ 1x / Month QA
Return - Above 16MΩ
TOC Below 150ppb 1x / Quarter QA
Bacteria Below 5 points 1x / Month QA
Intensity of illumination Above 400 Lux 1x / Quarter Maintenance

Clean Room Entry Procedure

Our quality management is of the utmost importance.
Anyone or anything that passes through the gate must first go through the air shower booth.
These boothes are programmed that both sides are not to be opened at the same time.
Smock & smock room are managed, and gloves are disposed once used
Once we wear the smocks, the next step is washing and drying hands in order to wash away dust.
ESD protection gate helps to prevent ESD problem in clean room.
And very lastly, we need to go through another air shower booth before go into the line.

  1. 1step

    Air shower booth

    Our booth is programmed that both sides are not to be opened at the same time in any circumstances.

  2. 2step

    Smock change room

    Clean room garments and subsidiary materials are managed, and washed periodically.
    Gloves are disposed once used.

  3. 3step

    Hand washing with DI water

    Every staff and guest are mandated to wash their hands with DI water.

  4. 4step

    ESD Protection

    (Electro Static Discharge) We strive to eliminate any ESD problem.
    Anything that is not made of Anti-static material shall not pass the gate.

Temperature and Humidity

Cotroll Limit : 23±4˚C
Shut Down Limit : ±4˚C
Cotroll Limit : 50±8 %
Shut Down Limit : ±10 %

Digital Thermo-hygrometer monitors clean room temperature and humidity on a real time basis,
and delivers the monitored value to central control room. Temperature and humidity is observed at hourly intervals and recored as daily monitoring reports.


Clean Room Class Control Particle Size Cotroll Limit Shut Down Limit
10 Class 0.3 um < 8 > 10
100 Class 0.5 um < 80 > 100
500 Class 0.5 um < 400 > 500

* QA monitors particle in clean room using portable particle counter on a daily (10 class) /weekly (100,500 class) basis.

ESD Control

Item Control Limit
Floor Ground < 10^9Ω
Ionizer Decay time < 10 sec
Ion balance < 35 V
Facility Ground < 1Ω
Facility Leakage Current < 5A
Equipment Ground < 1Ω
Equipment Product ESD < 200 V
Work Table/ Shelf Ground < 10^9Ω
Work Table/ Shelf Product ESD < 200 V
Chiar/Cart Ground < 10^9Ω

* ESD control measurement is perfromed by QA,Maint on a monthly basis.

DI Water Control

Item Cotroll Limit Shut Down Limit
Bacteria < 5 colonies > 10 colonies
Resistance ≥ 17 ㏁ (Input)
≥ 16 ㏁ (Return)
< 16 ㏁ (Input)
< 14 ㏁ (Return)
TOC < 150 ppb > 200 ppb
Temperature 23±2˚C < 20˚C, or > 26˚C
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