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As one of the largest back-end toll processing company in Korea.



Image sensors are devices used to convert a visual image into an electronic signal.
Image sensing technology is used in cameras, camcorders, and all types of imaging devices.
Before the digital era, analog image sensors functioned with video camera tubes, which are now replaced by digital technologies
such as charge-coupled device(CCD) and complementary meal-oxide-semiconductor(CMOS) image sensors.
Semiconductor CCD or active pixel sensors in CMOS or N-type metal-oxide-semiconductor are being used in electronic devices such as smartphones.


Market outlook
of the global CMOS image sensor market

Market research analyst has estimated this market to surpass USD 13 billion by 2019 owing to its augmented adoption in the automotive and industrial sectors.
Increasing adoption of CMOS sensors in the automotive sector is a significant factor that is expected to drive market growth during the next five years.
CMOS sensors are increasingly being implemented in automobiles as they assist in enhancing car safety, driving assistance, and driving comfort levels.
The implementation of these sensors by manufacturers like Nissan, Ford, and Tesla is expected to
bolster the prospects for growth in this market during the next five years.

Application-based segmentation
of the CMOS image sensor market

Consumer electronics / Automotive / Industrial / Medical

In this market, the consumer electronics segment to account for nearly 45% of the total market share by 2019.
Since this segment has the largest consumer base, implementation of CMOS sensors in devices like smartphones, tablets, PCs,
and digital cameras is expected to result in its high market dominion during the next five years.

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