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As one of the largest back-end toll processing company in Korea.

CIS Module Package


A camera module is integrated into devices like cameras, smartphones, tablets, laptops, automobiles, and gaming consoles
and consists of a lens module, an image sensor chip, and a module case.
The increased use of CMOS image sensors has increased the adoption of CMOS camera modules.
Cameras have now become a standard feature in mobile devices, and the camera technology is constantly improving.
We expect multiple wearables to integrate cameras, which will further boost the market growth.
Moreover, with the augmented adoption of semiconductor ICs in automobiles, the demand for semiconductor chips has increased considerably in the recent years.
The growing popularity of social networking applications is also the key driver for the growth of this market.
Recently, it has been observed that the usage of apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snap chat, and Twitter has increased rapidly.


Segmentation by application and analysis
of the mobile camera module market

Smartphones / Laptops / Tablets

In this market, it is estimated the smartphone industry segment to be the highest revenue-generating segment during the next five years.
This sector is envisaged to account for more than 91% of the total market revenue by 2019 and critical factors
like the advent of dual cameras in mobile devices is predicted to foster market growth during the next five years.

Competitive landscape and key vendors

The global market for mobile camera modules is highly fragmented and is primarily dominated by a few key players.
LG Innotek is the leading vendor in this market and is closely followed by vendors like SEMCO, Sharp, Cowell and Sunny.

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